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Tenant Registration Rothschild

Tenant Application - Rothschild Room


Newcastle 41 High Street Ltd Company No. 12075693
Apt 21351 Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro TR4 8UN

Contact:  Mr Craig Lambie
Phone/ WhatsApp: 03300102361
Email: [email protected]

Your stay with us

I understand that there is a premium for staying less than 6 months *


Guarantor required

If your rent is more than 35% of your monthly income, then you will need to fill in these fields/ have a guarantor.

Bank: Starling Bank
Sort Code: 60-83-71
Account: 36228801
Name: JC Holdings 123 Ltd (trading as JCatHome)
Reference: Rothchilds Rm
International Transfers please note:
• IBAN: GB56SRLG60837136228801

Data Privacy and Processing Notice

1. The personal and financial information collected on this Application Form is needed to decide on the grant of a tenancy to you at 39 High Street, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, England.
2. In the event the tenancy does not proceed, we intend to retain this data for a period of up to a year.
3. Your co-operation in providing the data is requested in order to offer and continue a tenancy contract with you. You don't have to provide personal information but without it there may be insufficient information upon which to make a decision to grant you a tenancy.
4. If the tenancy proceeds, your personal data as provided herein shall be retained electronically and we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for this purpose.
5. We shall retain your data on the basis of performance of contract and for pursuing our legitimate interest as your landlord. This will remain for seven years after the tenancy ends.
6. You may request erasure of your information unless we require it for legal or contractual reasons.
7. We will only use your information in connection with this tenancy and it will only be shared with a third party acting on our behalf (eg to a tradesperson to effect repairs). In that case, we will request that your details are deleted by that party on completion of the purpose.
8. If a legitimate enquiry in connection with a financial loss is made by any party, or legal action considered, your data maybe used and shared for this purpose under Legal obligations and legitimate interest.

Applicant’s Declaration and Agreement:

1. I declare that:-
a. the information I have provided is accurate;
b. I have read the Data Privacy and Processing Notice above and agree to the terms; and
c. I understand how my rental payments may affect my credit profile.

2. I authorise the Landlord and its authorised representatives to:
a. contact my references and all other persons that I have named in this application;
b. perform a credit and criminal check; and
c. contact any Local Authority, Department for Work and Pensions or any other body;
as required to assess my suitability as a tenant.
3. I agree to connect with the Landlord on social media as part of the Landlord’s due diligence process.

By clicking submit, you are signing a legal document, submitting this application:

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Craig has stayed in over 20 different circumstances from a mattress in the corner of a room in a London over priced "HMO" with a shared bathroom, to house sitting a dog in a Mansion in Wimbeldon. So ask him anything. As a landlord of over 20 years, doing it the right way, caring for the needs of people, not just "tenants" is important to him.

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